Things you Must Know about Having a Career in Cosmetology

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Things you Must Know about Having a Career in Cosmetology

Cosmetology is one of the best routes for creative individuals to start a career in a profession industry. There are a couple of career options available to licensed cosmetologist. Upon completing these approved programs, graduates may apply for cosmetology license.

Generally, this industry offers the unique opportunity for people to work with hair, nails, in a business centric atmosphere that support originality and creative thinking. Students that want to work in this industry should begin the necessary certification needed to work in the best hotels, spas, resorts, and salons in the world. It doesn’t stop there; there is also an opportunity for you to start a personal beauty business.

While cosmetology classes create opportunity for careers that combines creativity and vision with trained skills, students can choose between the option of working as an aesthetician, starting a personal beauty business or starting a career as a cosmetology instructor.

Though the cosmetology industry features a fast-paced work environment, it still stands as one of the most profitable careers for self motivated professionals. Multi-tasking and positive attitude are however some of the attributes essential to establish a successful career in this field. We would discuss some of the career opportunities available for folks in this industry.

Hair Stylist

A well trained and licensed cosmetologist is generally assumed to have the capability to prescribe appropriate hair style based on individual clients need. Individuals have different hair length and texture and a cosmetologist is trained to understand this uniqueness and to take advantage of it to create exceptionally customized hair styles. They are also responsible for treating hair, shampooing, trimming and styling hair. To be a successful hairstylist, you need to be very professional with your clients with excellent communication and the ability to win clients trust.


Being an esthetician is one of the hottest career opportunities with a very high demand in the spa industry today. They perform skin care treatments, massages and highly technical hair removal treatment. They are licensed cosmetologist and their procedure involves using lotions, body oils, cleansing agents and other skin care products to help beautify and maintain client’s skin. Estheticians are also trained to provide consultations and recommendations for their clients.

Nail Technicians

These professionals are trained to perform a variety of treatment of hands, feet and nails. These treatments also include various types of pedicure, manicure, aromatherapy and massages of feet and hands. Treatment of cuticles is an essential part of their daily job description. A nail technician is skilled in the use of various nail products, which includes polish removal, cuticle cream, nail enamel, and other beauty product.

Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are trained to work with colors to apply the various makeup products like eye shadows, lip glosses and facial foundations to their clients. Some makeup artists are trained to provide skin care treatments to their clients using moisturizer, facial cleansers and oils. They can also provide consultations regarding makeup application and recommend products and makeup colors.

Other than completing training programs, students are also required to fulfill some licensing requirement which may vary according to geographical location. To become a licensed cosmetologist, there is need to complete a designated number of hours in training – instruction and practice- and sit for a regulated examination.

Most cosmetology programs last for duration of one or two years and aspiring licensed cosmetologist are usually required to select a cosmetology specialty as their career focus. Due to the ever changing fashion landscape, licensed cosmetologist must continuously upgrade their skills to keep up the latest trends and demand of diver’s clients. To become a successful cosmetologist, is it incredible important to possess a high level of interpersonal communication skills needed to attract and keep clients.

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