Exploring Cosmetology

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Exploring Cosmetology

If you are exploring the idea of becoming a Cosmetologist, it is good to know what cosmetologist really do. They are the experts in the area of makeup, skincare and beauty products. There are many services cosmetologists also provide like hair coloring, hair extensions, and hair straightening. Cosmetologists help their customers find the look with the best hairstyle for difference occasions like weddings or high school prom, or any other occasion where people want to look their best. Many customers do not know what “look” works the best for their type of hair and face, and need a cosmetologist to advice them. This is something many people struggle with and can cause major issues in their life, as they don’t have the gifting of knowing how to apply the right type of makeup in certain weather, or how to do their hair for work, to match their work attire. This can cause extra stress and could easily be eliminated if they had the right help from a cosmetologist in how present themselves with the right, makeup and hairstyles. There are different specialties within Cosmetology, and some prefer to focus on makeup, or hair. A cosmetologist is a hair colorist focuses only on coloring the hair as this is a important position having to mix different kinds of chemicals. To be a hair colorist you have to be certified through American Board of Certified Hair Colorists.

There is another type of cosmetologist called shampoo technician. They shampoo and condition a customers hair to prepare them before they see the hair stylist or the hair colorist. Usually this is a position for someone who have just completed their cosmetology school and looking at getting more experience. Many people wonder what the difference is between an Esthetician and an Cosmetologist, even though Esthetician is listed it’s under the field of Cosmetology. An Esthetician is a professional who has receive their license in the area of improving and taking care of healthy skin. the outer layer of the skin is called the epidermis, and this is the main focus of the esthetician. There are many places an Esthetician can work at, but they usually work in a salon, spa, or skin care clinic together with Cosmetologists. We have found the Professional Beauty Association to be a very useful resource if you are exploring industry of Cosmetology.

We also highly encourage you to contact your local Cosmetology and Beauty School to see if you can schedule an appointment to explore the idea of entering this industry to see if it is a good fit for you. If you are an Cosmetology or Beauty School and would like to advertise with us, please contact us directly.

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