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Arkansas AR Cosmetology License Requirements, Verification, Renewal and Information

The Arkansas Board of Cosmetology oversees all cosmetology licenses in the State of Arkansas. As a part of the Center for Health Protection, the purpose is to protect the public welfare by establishing, maintaining, and enforcing appropriate standards of competency and practice in the Cosmetology Profession (excerpt from The Arkansas Board of Cosmetology official web site).

How to Get a Cosmetology License in Arkansas

To be able to get a cosmetology license in Arkansas, you need to find a school where you can enroll to begin the process. The program is usually takes less than 15 months long, and to be able to get your license you need to have at least 1500 hours of training. The most important process of getting your cosmetology license is what school or program you decide to attend, therefore we recommend you reach out to your friends and see if you can find anyone who has previously went through any of the cosmetology programs in Arkansas. Ask them what they recommend and they can give you some good advice before you start the program. Once you have received your license it’s only $50 to renew your license to keep it current where you can continue to practice in cosmetology in Arkansas. Please visit The Arkansas Board of Cosmetology website for all the updated information on current applications forms and renewal forms.

Arkansas Board of Cosmetology official website.

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